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If your name is McCollor, McCollough, McCollar, or similarly spelled, you may very possibly be descended from the brothers Edward and Patrick, who emigrated from County Tyrone, Ireland, in the early nineteenth century, settling in Quebec, Canada, and in Maine, USA until some traveled west. Welcome to our site, we hope you find it interesting, and if you are able to contribute additional information, corrections of data, photographs or documents, we very much welcome your participation. EMAIL your comments and materials to me, Áine Irene MacCollar.

I've been thinkin'....
... about all the hard work I've put into this site since founding it in 2006. What if, instead of taking it down as planned later this fall or early winter, someone were willing to sponsor it? The cost is one factor in my needing to close the site up.  It is about $20 - $22 a month plus renewing the domain (about the same cost maybe a little higher) to pay for the host company. I will continue to pay for monthly subscription to Ancestry.com myself.  If a sponsor can be found, and is willing for me to transfer the billing of the host to them, and if people are very patient and understand health problems and family obligations make my working on the site rather slow, I will continue to keep the site up. Eventually, it will be finished except for occasional updating and will then be available in digital or printed format. (Thanks to all who have been checking up on me since my mastectomy last month!) So...
 If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact me ASAP!


I have come to a 98% decision regarding the future of the site.  If you read the text in the box below this one, you will know the dilema I've been struggling with until now and the reasons I will be closing the site.  I have decided I will indeed close the site (after 8 years!).  What I am planning is to finish remodeling any of the lineage charts which I have not yet gotten to, MAKE ALL THE CORRECTIONS AND ADDITIONS summited to me and not yet made, post all documents and photos on I have yet to post.  After that is done I will leave the site up for a period of time for anyone to copy pages of, and lastly, capture all the pages in a pdf format I can store on my computer.  

Possibly I will offer the site in a soft cover book and in a kindle format, to be funded by the proceeds of any books sold.

I have a copy of the Peter McCollor journals that were sent to me when I first started the site, and which I had planned to scan into the site as well as transcribe the sometimes difficult to make out writing, as time allowed. Unfortunately time never allowed and all the health issues began to limit me. I would like to send the copy back to the person who so generously provided it to me in the first place, and need to double check to be sure who. A "cousin" wrote to me not too long ago offering to take on the job of scanning them, and would, I imagine, be able to put them in pdf format as well, to be shared digitally or attached to the book. If the original copier approves, I'll ask the "cousin" if she still wants to scan them. 

PLEASE if anyone has any corrections, updates, photographs, and documents  they have not yet forwarded to me, this is the time to do it!  My email: irene.maccollar@gmail.com


I will be undergoing major surgery soon, and will be "down" for several weeks.  I apologize to everyone who has given me corrections and additions that I have not made, and also to those who have been so loyal to the site despite my neglect of it.  My health has been precarious for some time now and combined with serious family illnesses and obligations my work on the site as been sporadic and limited.  I long to make it current. I sincerely hope to do that, at least to some degree, while I am recuperating. 

I'm embarrassed to say that with this situation, my expenses are very high and my income very low. The expenses related to the site including an Ancestry.com account, the web-hosting account, and the annual domain renewal, total about $525.00 annually.  I've borne the cost happily, the site is my baby after all, and have enjoyed every one of the literally countless hours I have put into it in the last 8 years.  I want to see it survive another 8 years and more.  If I continue the site I may have to ask, very very reluctantly and for the very first time, for donations toward the financial costs. 

My recuperation and the work I hope to achieve during it, will be the determination of whether the site goes on or not.  I will make absolutely every effort to continue it, however,  if I should have to end it, I will give everyone sufficient time to print up what they wish from it. 


Update 11-8-2013 .... Donald P. McCollor supplied me with some very lovely images of documents including Ulay McCollor's Marriage Certificate and his son Donald's school diploma. He gave me these a couple of months ago but I am just now getting them on the site. I've been pretty slow, as you all know, in editing the site. If you are patient, I will continue, however slowly, to make updates and corrections that you have and might send to me. I'll also continue to rehab pages I have yet to rehab into the newer design.  VIEW ULAY'S BRANCH PAGE.
ALSO ... I have updates regarding the Boerner Cemetery, which I will post as soon as I can.

TO MRS. HERMANS:    PLEASE contact me again with a different email address than the one you gave me - I feel badly it seems I haven't  replied to you,  but I can't get your yahoo address to accept my email. If you prefer, you can mail to me at
Irene MacCollar
21 Miller St.,
Belfast, ME 04915.
I really hope to hear from you!

UPDATE 8/16/2013 .... Check out the ERNEST McCOLLOR page, and all the wonderful photos I was given to display. I will hopefully fill in some of the question marks tonight when I get a moment to research.  Got any photos of your own branch of the family tree? Share them! Please!

MYSTERY MAN! Help me out, someone, please! I found an obituary for a Bingham born Frank McCollor, b. abt 1892, d. in Hawthorne, Nevada at 45 years old, 1/20/1937. It sounds like he had lived in NV for a long time, and had been a career miner. His obituary claims he is survived only by one sister, and doesn't give her name. His body was returned to Bingham for burial.  We have a few Franks interspersed throughout our family line, but none that fits the birth dates even closely. Anyone know who he was??? Please EMAIL me.

Update 8/92013 - I've been working on renovating the ULAY McCOLLOR lineage page for the last few days, and in researching documents I found many PHOTOS on line, most of them placed there by Tara Lencioni. I thank you, Tara, for taking the time to scan all those photos in!  I will try and get them all posted today. They  include some very scarce photos of Peter McCollor and his family group photos. The same with Ernest McCollor, alone and in family groups.  I have photos of Lencioni's, Bangles, and other families from the family tree! (I'm so excited! These photos put faces to the names I've only written about!)  Áine Irene

UPDATE 8/8/2013 .... I am almost done with renoating the ULAY McCOLLOR page. I will finish it today, I believe.  Please contact me. EMAIL me if you see incorrect info or can add something. 
A GEOGRAPHICAL CRISIS:  Mid Westerners I  need your help!  I fear I have the wrong states listed for the more common city names, (St. Louis, for example). Please take a glance at your family branch chart and let me know if you can correct any of the states I have wrong.  

UPDATE 5/6/2013 .... PHOTOS!!! I was so excited to find some photos someone generously posted on ancestry.com, and to immediately steal them and put them here on the site! ("steal" is a dramatic word, as they were public). They are of ALICE McCOLLOR SMITH and RAYMOND SMITH, GLADYS McCOLLOR, and their mother ELIZABETH McCOLLOR. These are of the ULAY McCOLLOR line. I hope you enjoy them. Please, if you are the person who posted them, I'd like to credit you so please contact me. EMAIL I found some other documents, some obituaries, and have posted them, scattered about. PLEASE keep in mind I have not yet renovated Ulay's biography and lineage page, so forgive me the horrid way it looks. I'll try and make this the next page I work on.


The Boerner Family Cemetery East of Hermon, MN , photos courtesy Scott Boerner, has been added to The Cemetery Project. See email from Scott below regarding the danger of destruction of this important cemetery.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 -- A retired schoolteacher named Terry Burt has contacted me to let me know they are working on photographing and recording graves in Grant County, MN, including some relevant to our family already done and many to come.  I will at some point this winter add the photos to our cemetery project, and link whenever relevant to the Graveyard Project Site, where Terry is posting research. It will be great to have some of the stones and locations of graves from the midwest on our site not just graves here in New England!

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Kenneth McCollor and his school project presentation!

His Mom, Kristy, writes "His presentation is on the origin of the McCollor name. It features Patrick and Bridget, and then our line of Thomas and Mary. He added information on Tyrone, Quebec City, and then Maine. In the center is a family code of arms we found online.  Kenneth found this website while researching his project, and I'm very grateful that he and his mother shared his work with the site. It reminds me of one of the reasons I created the site: to record and make widely available via the internet, the family data, stories, photos and documents for current generations and those yet to come.  If you have any of these items or data to share with the site, PLEASE contact me, I would love to hear from you!

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The Mahoney Connection

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