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If your name is McCollor, McCollough, McCollar, or similarly spelled, you may very possibly be descended from the brothers Edward and Patrick, who emigrated from County Tyrone, Ireland, in the early nineteenth century, settling in Quebec, Canada, and in Maine, USA until some traveled west. Welcome to our site, we hope you find it interesting, and if you are able to contribute additional information, corrections of data, photographs or documents, we very much welcome your participation. EMAIL your comments and materials to me, Áine Irene MacCollar.



ITS TIME. As many of you know, if you have been checking in on the site occasionally, that I have struggled with energy, time and cost to keep it going. I've considered all sugestions, thank you, but just think it's time.  that does not mean the pages will be lost forever. I will copy the pages on the site and will preserve them in digital, as well as book form. I will be charging as little as I can considering there will be costs. On a positive note, the book will certainly be a great gift for Christmas, which is my goal time to have it adapted, compiled and produced.  I owe so much to everyone who has so generously participated in the gathering of photos and data, I appreciate it so much.  

First step is to make sure I have made all corrections and additions, as I've kept all the emails to work from. After that is done, I will download the pages and close the site. 

On another matter, I have a copy of the Peter McCollor journals that were sent to me when I first started the site, and which I had planned to scan into the site as well as transcribe the sometimes difficult to make out writing, as time allowed. Unfortunately time never allowed and all the cost and health issues began to limit me.  A "cousin" wrote to me during this past week eagerly offering to take on the job of scanning them into pdf format to be shared digitally or attached to the genealogy book as a "bonus". I will ensure the documents will remain safe at all times, for I recognize the personal value of the journals. Please pass on this information, as some do not check the site.

PLEASE if anyone has any corrections, updates, photographs, and documents  they have not yet forwarded to me, or wish to remind me that you previously sent these to me, this is the time to do it!  My email: irene.maccollar@gmail.com


The Boerner Family Cemetery East of Hermon, MN , photos courtesy Scott Boerner, has been added to The Cemetery Project. See email from Scott below regarding the danger of destruction of this important cemetery.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 -- A retired schoolteacher named Terry Burt has contacted me to let me know they are working on photographing and recording graves in Grant County, MN, including some relevant to our family already done and many to come.  I will at some point this winter add the photos to our cemetery project, and link whenever relevant to the Graveyard Project Site, where Terry is posting research. It will be great to have some of the stones and locations of graves from the midwest on our site not just graves here in New England!

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Kenneth McCollor and his school project presentation!

His Mom, Kristy, writes "His presentation is on the origin of the McCollor name. It features Patrick and Bridget, and then our line of Thomas and Mary. He added information on Tyrone, Quebec City, and then Maine. In the center is a family code of arms we found online.  Kenneth found this website while researching his project, and I'm very grateful that he and his mother shared his work with the site. It reminds me of one of the reasons I created the site: to record and make widely available via the internet, the family data, stories, photos and documents for current generations and those yet to come.  If you have any of these items or data to share with the site, PLEASE contact me, I would love to hear from you!

The Ernest Carl Autograph Book
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The Cemetery Project

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The Mahoney Connection

watch for more Mahoney information to come, all courtesy the hard work of Doris Mahoney

Reunion 2009

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